Denzel Curry, known for his high energy, testosterone fueled, ODB reminiscent rap jutsu, is back with another one — this time enlisting the talents of crowd favorites A$AP Ferg and TiaCorine! Except this time, Denzel is in his smooth delivery zone, calm and composed, over a high energy trap beat littered with eighth note hi-hats. Check the track out below!

Curry’s verse is followed strong by TiaCorine, who arguably has one of the most distinctive and unique flows in hip hop right now. Not skipping a beat, Ferg takes the beat head on with upbeat triplet flows and masterfully glides over the trap banger. The song is posh, and talks about luxury but also of the determination it emanates from. It also captures Denzel’s hopes for the future and positions the trio as the hot ones.

The song marks a crucial milestone in Curry’s career, setting the pace for his upcoming album King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 2, scheduled for release on July 19, 2024. The full length project is touted to release via PH Recordings, under license to Loma Vista Recordings. To hype the album up, Curry also curated the On The Radar Radio‘s rap cypher recently, which can be peeped at below. The line up sure doesn’t disappoint!

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