On his new Rock’N’Roll inspired single, Dylan Joseph sounds more confident than ever before. His voice and bolder, his message stronger, and he simply sounds like he is having fun with making music, and sharing his story. 

‘City Dime’ is a country anthem about a rebellious girl who decides to act disobedient to her parents, and to date a bad troublemaker who is not exactly a guy her parents would approve of. 

Dylan Joseph is determined to deliver fresh sounding tunes and mix country and folk with different genres. As his previously released singles such as ‘Closer To You’ or ‘44’ were more turning into pop and mainstream, ‘City Dime’ sounds more like indie and rock, which only spices up his discography. 

Hailing from Thousand Oaks, CA, Dylan Joseph has a great talent to capture and channel pure country vibe, and to entertain listeners with his stories such as love episodes on ‘City Dime.’