West Coast rapper G-Eazy might be having the most fun during quarantine right now. The hip-hop star has come forward to deliver a major co-sign to the newly released Final Fantasy VII remake.

Big Facts

This weekend, Eazy hit up his social media pages to give the game a huge salute. Gerald called the must-play Playstation title nothing less than fire.

“Final fantasy 7 remake” -G-Eazy’s Twitter

G-Eazy co-signs Final Fantasy VII

High-Key Details

G-Eazy co-signing Final Fantasy VII is a sign of its greatness. The must-play video game is a long-awaited remake. The title first dropped more than 20 years ago.

IN THE WORLD of videogames, the story and setting of  Final Fantasy VIIhas been elevated to the realm of myth. First released in 1997 on the Sony PlayStation, it ushered in a new era of Japanese role-playing games, and in the process, its story—begrudging hero Cloud Strife and a ragtag band of idealists and hangers-on fight the captivatingly evil Sephiroth for the sake of the planet—became larger than life for a lot of players. Cloud, Sephiroth, the floating city of Midgar—these are signifiers in the world of games that reach far wider than the game they come from, and exist with power outside of their context. (Wired)

Wait, There’s More

The new release is reportedly the first of more to follow. This first game opens on a bombing mission with protagonist Cloud Strife attempting to explode a facility as an act of protest.

This first instalment in an as-yet undecided number of episodes returns players to the sprawling city of Midgar and the boots of protagonist Cloud Strife, a young mercenary and ex-officer from a private army run by the Shinra Electric Power Company. It seems improbable that a utility provider should have its own militia, but Shinra has a monopoly on Mako, Final Fantasy VII’s equivalent of crude oil, which has made it into a powerful entity – something like a militarised Google. Power has corrupted the company, which now draws the planet’s lifeblood at an unsustainable rate. (The Guardian)

Before You Go

Despite making a name for itself on the Playstation platform, PC gamers are expected to get in on the Final Fantasy VII remake fun. There are plans for the title to reach the PC and possibly Xbox platforms.

Fundamentally, yes, it does seem obvious that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will probably come to PC in a year once this exclusivity deal ends. Square Enix has had PC releases for Final Fantasy and other games for years, and this should be no different, especially since they have a full year to learn from the PlayStation version and perfect that build. So we don’t have to be treating this like any kind of groundbreaking revelation as opposed to say, God of War coming to PC or something that would be a little more unexpected. This will happen, it will just take time. (Forbes)