If you’ve been following Jessie Reyez on socials, you know exactly the song we are talking about. After all, the now-released snippet has been on almost every recent reel, teasing a song that was originally touted to drop back in October last year. Well, the unprecedented collaboration with Big Sean finally sees light of day today!

Performing the track often at live performances with a call and response hook inciting crowds to yell ‘Shut Up’, Jessie has been checking fans’ energy (and patience) for a while now. Written with the idea of looking back on all the time wasted crying for men that have been beneath her (as she mentions in an Instagram post), the track is about Jessie feeling herself as a music icon — one who has her phone full of options, and bank full of bills.

Big Sean too, comes in guns blazing, slick talking with a persona we’re all too familiar with. After all, who better to go bar for bar on a track with other than the man who gave us ‘I Don’t Fuck with You’? Having his earlier single this year overcast by Kendrick-Drake controversy (the latter being a rapper often accused of stealing Sean’s flow), ‘Shut Up’ has finally given Sean the time to shine bright before the release of his album this year.

With him taking a seemingly more introspective approach on the upcoming album, ‘Shut Up’ has given us the chance to embrace the rapper’s suave persona once more.

Listen here!

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