Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West literally has money to blow. The hip-hop superstar is reportedly worth at least a billion dollars in 2020.

Kanye West Is Getting Billion Dollar Looks

According to a report by Forbes, Yeezy now has some serious bragging rights to his name. After years of stacking up his investments and ventures, Mr. West’s net worth is now in the billion dollar category.

The declaration was the culmination of a years-long campaign by West to get added to the magazine’s annual Billionaires List, Forbes reported Friday. Forbes now says that the rapper and fashion designer is worth $1.3 billion, mostly because of his sole ownership of his brand Yeezy. West reportedly claims that he is worth $3.3 billion. Bloomberg, which seemingly reviewed the same documents provided to Forbes, acknowledged that West’s accountant provided documents showing that he has more than $3 billion worth of assets, but stopped short of explicitly calling West a “billionaire.” (Business Insider)

Count It Up

The financial publication puts a bulk of West’s net worth in his popular Yeezy brand. Kanye also has millions in stocks, real estate and vehicles.

Wait, There’s More

Forbes also delved into the business relationship between Kanye and Yeezy’s connection to Adidas.

Yeezy is a complicated asset. West owns 100% of it. But it’s functionally tied, at least for five-plus years based on the documents we saw, to Adidas, which produces, markets and distributes the shoes. There’s also a separate apparel division that we don’t believe makes money. Last year, our sources projected the shoes would finish 2019 with revenue north of $1.5 billion (Adidas would not comment then, or now)—per recent conversations and internal documents, we believe the final revenue number ended up closer to $1.3 billion. (Forbes)

Before You Go

In early March 2020, Kanye teased fans about gearing up for his latest Yeezy rollout.

“YEEZY SEASON 8 STARTING NOW” -Kanye West’s Twitter