Kevin Liles has launched a petition on the website,, to call on fans to help protect Hip-hop and rap lyrics in the court of law. So far, the petition has reached 3,000 signatures.

Kevin Liles

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A Call To Action

Kevin Liles has launched a petition on rallying against the use of rap lyrics as criminal confessions.

The petition, titled “Rap Music on Trial: Protect Black Art,” mentioned how prosecutors have attempted to use hip-hop lyrics in court and have successfully used hip-hop lyrics to get a conviction. 

Meanwhile, rap lyrics are currently being used against Young Thug, Gunna, and others from their YSL squad in a high-profile RICO case. 

“In the indictment, Fulton County prosecutors argue that lyrics like ‘ready for war like I’m Russia’ is a confession of criminal intent,” was written in the petition, urging users to help protect Black art and the First Amendment, specifically for Black artists. 

“Weaponizing creative expression against artists is obviously wrong. But what gets us so upset is what’s happening to Young Thug, Gunna, and YSL is just the most high-profile case,” said Liles and Greenwald in a joint statement. “In courtrooms across America, Black creativity and artistry is being criminalized. With increasing and troubling frequency, prosecutors are attempting to use rap lyrics as confessions, just like they’re doing in this case.” 

The Baltimore-born record executive mentioned that the state of New York passed a “Rap Music on Trial” bill. The bill proposed a limit on the usage of song lyrics as evidence in court. 

“We need to step up, support these efforts, and get this bill across the finish line,” the statement continued. “We need to urge the prompt adoption of legislation at the Federal and State level that would limit how prosecutors can use creative and artistic expression as evidence against defendants in criminal trials. We hope that it and similar Bills will become law across America to end this attack on our First Amendment freedoms that disproportionately harms Black and other minority artists.”

So far, the petition has 3,145 signatures out of 5,000.

Kevin Liles Teary-Eyed Testimony For Young Thug’s Freedom

On the early afternoon of June 2, Young Thug had his bond hearing before a judge at the Fulton County court. Testimony was given by a stellar lineup of witnesses, including music executive Kevin Liles. He offered a teary testimony in which he confronted the question of rap lyrics being used in legal cases to convict artists.

With tearful eyes, legendary music executive Kevin Liles testified to why Thug should be free on bond at a Fulton County courthouse. 

Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, called on Liles to give testimony to the rapper’s character, real name Jeffrey Williams. Liles took the stand wearing a gray suit and proceeded to speak as his eyes welled up with tears.