Controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels has passed away at the age of 56 in Atlanta, Georgia. The popular “image consultant” drew fans who are mourning his passing. But he was also despised by some due to his reputation for harsh criticism of Black women.

Kevin Samueks

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High-Value Man

Kevin Samuels, the image consultant that took social media by storm with his polarizing Youtube videos, has died.  He was 56.

In the early hours of Cinco de Mayo, a woman identified as Alcantara Ortensia contacted the police to inform them of the relationship guru’s condition after he complained of chest pains and fell over.   The woman, who said she is a nurse, told police she had met him the night before and spent the night with him.  

Reports are saying the cause of death was a cardiac arrest. He succumbed to his chest discomfort and passed away shortly after medical attention was rendered. 

Atlanta Police released an incident report that provided more details for many who were left bewildered after the shocking and unfortunate news of his death. In the report it states,

“On May 5, 2022, I Ofc. J. Figuereo, unit # (2205), responded to a call at 297 E. Paces Ferry Ne. Apartment # 1605; regarding a person injured. Upon arrival, I Ofc.J.Figuereo observed the fire department engine # 21 performing C.P.R to a black male, unresponsive on the floor of his apartment. I then met Ms. Ortencia Alcantara, who identified the male as Mr. Kevin Samuels. Ms. Alcantara stated that she met Mr. Samuels last night, came to his apartment, and spent the night with him. Ms. Alcantara also said that early morning. Mr. Samuels complained of chest pain, and she attempted to help him, but he fell on top of her and proceeded to notify 911. Ms. Alcantara also said she requested the 911 operator to contact the front desk for a defibrillator to keep Mr. Samuels responsive until Grady arrived because she is a nurse. Grady bus #741 Mr. Samuels was later transported to Piedmont Hospital by Grady bus #741.” 

Rest in peace to the “High-Value Man.”

Kevin Samuels Incident Report

Black Twitter’s Split Reactions

The news of Kevin Samuels passing away hit social media fiercely yesterday. Unexpected would be an understatement regarding the reactions from many online. Many people celebrated the fact that he had died because of what they perceived as misogynist words and actions from the self-described image consultant. 

Many others were appalled by the thought that anyone would celebrate the death of any other person because of ideological differences. On Twitter, a user identified as @MrErnestOwens, expressed his displeasure with the life that Samuels lived. He tweeted, “Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing Black women for profit. He emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about Black women. Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live. That’s all I’ve got for that misogynist.” 

Another user, identified as @spiritmoneylove, was unapologetic in her happy response to hearing the news of Samuel’s death. She tweeted, “A white supremacist will die and everybody celebrates.  A misogynioristic man like Kevin Samuels dies and black women can’t be happy about it? Lol gtfo”

Kevin Samuels was a polarizing figure with a love/hate personality in the ongoing gender war. Many had very positive things to say about the fallen relationship expert, and were appalled by others online seeming to celebrate his death.

On Twitter, a user identified as @KenHeLive, posed a question to others that felt good about Samuel’s death. He tweeted, “Kevin Samuels told broke men & mediocre faced women to shoot in their range and only one group wants him dead because of it. LMFAO” 

Another user, identified as @Troy_DonJuan concurred with an interesting tweet of his own about humanity. He said, , “Regardless of if this Kevin Samuels news is true or not, you gotta be an evil MF to cheer for someone’s death because you don’t like some of the things they’ve said”. 

Legendary comedian, Marlon Wayans seemed to provide nuance for the unfortunate death and surrounding reactions on social media. On Instagram he posted a photo of Samuels with a caption that read, “Love him or hate him… he spoke his truth. We can view truth as hate but sometimes his bold medicine didn’t taste so sweet. And if you hated why tune in? Why call in? Because healing comes in many forms… his was some nasty ass tasting medicine. There’s no right and wrong in this love shit, there’s just discovery. Thank u for those you healed and we forgive you if there were any damages because we know your intention was to heal… and honestly, FUCK, YOU WAS HILARIOUS! In this moment i pray for you and your family and all those you’ve healed that can’t call in to your show. I hope you can heal more and reach more in heaven. Rest well. Appreciate you trying to hold on and express masculinity.”

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Kevin Samuels And Future

Kevin Samuels was featured in Future’s music video in February. The rapper, who has several high-profile failed relationships, had a therapy-style conversation with the dating coach.