Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi has some big plans. After dropping new music with hip-hop heavyweight Eminem this week, he’s taken to social media to reveal he’s staying in the spotlight for the next 10 years..

Cudi x Takeover

Cudi went to Twitter to respond to a fan who said he’s taking over the immediate, not so distant and very faraway future. He let it be known this is his time in both 2020 and for the next ten years.

High-Key Details

Cudi has stayed extra focused on his music grind lately. After Kanye West co-signed his new “The Adventures Of Slim Shady & Moon Man” single, Cudi sent love back to his big brother on Twitter.

Wait, There’s More

Cudi and rap superstar Eminem have finally united for the first time. The hip-hop duo kept their word this week on joining forces for their new collaboration. On Friday, the must-hear single premiered online across all streaming platforms.

Before You Go

Earlier this week, Cudi shared a trailer for his upcoming “We Are Who We Are” HBO original series and revealed he’d be playing a character named Richard.

“Better late than never I always say 😌🙏🏾❤️ feels good to be back!!” -Kid Cudi’s Twitter