Young Money’s Lil Wayne has nothing but love for his protégé Nicki Minaj. The hip-hop superstar recently talked about their close-knit relationship and early YMCMB days together.

Wayne x Minaj

In a recent interview, Wayne reflected on one of his “wildest” memories with the self-proclaimed Barbie. He referenced having to be a love interest in one of her music videos – presumably their “High School” collaboration – and trying to simmer down during a bedroom scene.

“I have a lifetime of memories with the beautiful Barbie! It’s too many to pull from but the funniest one is when we shot a video for one of her songs and I had to be the guy in bed with her!! Tooooooo difficult!  All dat azz on a n*gga ain’t a game, Jesus. She made it easy though, she’s a doll forever. I love her for real.” (Variety)

High-Key Details

Weezy F. Baby also teased the possibility of having another Tha Carter album on deck while dishing on how he’s adjusted to quarantine life during the coronavirus pandemic.

“A typical day for me is the same it was before quarantine: a day full of productivity in every way possible.  I wake, I thank, I think, I eat a lot of steak, I work till I can’t anymore, and I sleep then repeat.  I choose product over pride and pray for my prey. Amen,” Wayne said before answering what’s his favorite Carter album. “My favorite Carter album is the next one.” (Variety)

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Nicki Minaj went to her Twitter page to geek out over her and Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s “TROLLZ” collaboration toppling the competition. She also acknowledged how the success came after their single received no support from radio or streaming playlists.

“Congratulations, Barbs. Y’all did this with no playlisting and no radio and it’s just not happening in 2020. All the records on the top of the chart right now are doing that with heavy playlisting and radio so for us to do that, debuting, that’s insane. So I love you guys so much. We just did the highest pure sales of the year of every song released. You can’t buy that. That’s fan love.” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Before You Go

Minaj didn’t stop there. The Young Money rap star also promised to soon expose the entertainment industry over behind the scenes tendencies.

“It’s a couple of things I want to get off my chest. There are certain things that have been going on in this industry for just way too long. I think it’s time for me to speak on it, a little bit. But in the meantime, and y’all know 6ix9ine going to be doing a lot this week. So, be prepared for that. I love you.” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter