Ariel Houston ‘s latest release, “Lose You,” dives deep into the complexities of relationships, offering a raw and honest portrayal of love, longing, and commitment. Hailing from New York, Ariel’s multifaceted talents extend beyond her musical prowess, encompassing activism, entrepreneurship, and mental health advocacy.

From an early age, Ariel was drawn to the transformative power of music, inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. Her journey in the industry began at just five years old, captivated by the soul-stirring melodies that echoed through her childhood. Over the years, Ariel’s passion for music only intensified, leading her to become a regular performer at iconic venues like Madison Square Garden.

However, Ariel‘s path was far from conventional. Despite early opportunities in the music industry, she chose to prioritize family, education, and her nonprofit organization, the Houston Foundation For Hope (HFH). It wasn’t until three years ago that Ariel decided to reignite her solo career, channeling her experiences and influences into her music with renewed vigor.

“Lose You” stands as a testament to Ariel‘s evolution as an artist, blending soulful vocals with introspective lyricism. The track navigates the complexities of romantic relationships, exploring themes of uncertainty, longing, and unwavering devotion. With poignant verses and a captivating chorus, Ariel invites listeners into her world, where vulnerability is embraced and authenticity reigns supreme.

Collaborating with fellow artist Sunny Jorge, Ariel infuses “Lose You” with layers of emotion and depth. Sunny Jorge’s verse adds a dynamic dimension to the track, offering a contrasting perspective on love and commitment. Together, Ariel and Sunny Jorge create a harmonious blend of vocals and storytelling, captivating audiences with their undeniable chemistry.

Beyond her music, Ariel‘s commitment to mental health advocacy shines through in her work as a clinician and activist. Through her nonprofit organization and media appearances, she tirelessly advocates for marginalized communities, using her platform to amplify voices and spark meaningful change.

As Ariel continues to navigate the music industry and pursue her passions, her ultimate goal remains unchanged: to leave a lasting impact on the world around her. With “Lose You,” she invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration, reminding us all of the transformative power of music and the enduring nature of human connection.

Listen to “Lose You” below:

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