Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris is doing his part as Georgia continues to reopen. The hip-hop superstar has announced his involvement in helping Atlanta locals receive free testing for COVID-19.

Luda Tests

On Monday, the rap heavyweight hit up Instagram to break the big news. The Georgia native announced free testing would go down tomorrow morning.

“My City of Atlanta! If you want to get Covid19 tested FREE OF CHARGE come join Mayor Brook of College Park and the Ludacris Foundation tomorrow between 10am-2pm at the Georgia International Convention Center. #freecovid19testing#ludacrisfoundation#ludacris 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾” -Ludacris’ Instagram

New Music

During an epic Instagram Live battle against Nelly last weekend, Ludacris treated fans to some new music. The Atlanta rap heavyweight previewed unreleased music with hip-hop stars Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne.

Wait, There’s More

This past weekend, social media erupted on Nelly over his Internet woes during Saturday night’s bout. The multiple instances sparked a flurry of hilarious memes roasting him.

“Who won last night’s @verzuztv‘s battle? @ludacrisor @nelly?” -Hip Hop Memes Daily’s Instagram

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Who won last night's @verzuztv's battle? @ludacris or @nelly? #ludavsnelly #nellyvsluda #ludacrisvsnelly #nellyvsludacris #verzuz #verzuztv #verzuzbattle #tidal #coronamemes #coronacomedy #quarantinememes #quarantine #coronavirusmemes #coronavirus #covid19 #covid_19 #covid19memes

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Before You Go

Nelly ultimately took a hard hit in the battle against Luda because of his location. The Missouri native reportedly dealt with bad weather around his area.

Severe weather in St. Louis didn’t stop Nelly and Ludacris from exchanging hits Saturday in the latest edition of Verzuz on Instagram Live. The two rappers were set to go live at 7 p.m., but repeated issues with a Wi-Fi signal on Nelly’s part caused delays and even lack of audio at times. St. Louis, where Nelly lives, was dealing with strong thunderstorms, winds and possible hail Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. (CNN)

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#TeamNelly or #TeamLuda? Regardless, #VERZUZ is a celebration of the creatives‼️@billboard

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