Meek Mill is back from a sunny vacation and hiatus from social media and is ready to vent once more. The rapper shared that he doesn’t get lifted from puffing, but instead it actually makes him depressed.

Meek Mill

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Meek Mill Back On Social Media And Depressed

Meek Mill has spent his last two months taking a break from social media and taking in some sun and surf after his recent Expensive Pain rollout.  Now back in the saddle for 2022, Meek is revealing that he doesn’t get a lift from the puff-puff-pass, and instead, it actually makes him depressed. 

The Philly rapper’s first Tweet for 2022 talked about how this daily habit has been affecting his mental health, revealing that as soon as he imbibes with the plant, “I get depressed.”  However, he does say there are some benefits.

“I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.”
Meek has written in the past about how much crazy shit he sees on social media and how it affects his mental health.

Meek Mill Deletes Twitter and Instagram Accounts After Weeks Of Concerning Posts

Meek Mill normally makes headlines for expressing his unfiltered thoughts on social media but he is now making headlines for a different reason. After a whirlwind of activity to support his Expensive Pain release, Meek Mill decided to step back from social media and deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts after some eyebrow-raising posts.

MoneyBagg Yo Goes Sober For 2022

With Meek’s revelation that being high leads to depression, he might take a lesson from Memphis’ Moneybagg Yo.  The “Wockesha” hitmaker said he’s giving up the drank for 2022 after realizing he doesn’t need it to make heat in the studio.