Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has always been vocal about his beefs and this time he is at odds with his record label, Atlantic Records, for not being paid and not being funded for helping Roddy Ricch.

Meek Mill

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The Return Of Twitter Fingers

In a rant on Twitter, the Philly rapper and social activist points out that Atlantic Records allegedly exploited him and that while he was locked up in jail, they blocked him from getting money on a deal with the hitmaking artist, Roddy Ricch.

“I made Atlantic records 100’s of millions and let them rape me out out Roddy a artist they came to me about in jail,” Meek posted.

Though Meek says that he and Roddy are good now, he said Atlantic drove a wedge between them and tried to do the same thing with Rick Ross.

“[Atlantic ]separated us instantly when the millions came in from him…same thing they tried to do with me and rozay..”

He also talked about what he had to do to get his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape counted toward his album commitment on his contract and complained that the label didn’t support his recent Expensive Pain album rollout.

“I had to fight for my life to get dc4 counted as a album because they said I “called it a mixtape” if y’all made 20 million off it what is it counted as?”

Meek Calling Out His Label Is Nothing New

Meek Calling Out His Label Is Nothing New

Meek called out his record label after he released Expensive Pain back in September, saying he was going to “war.”

“i’m about to make my record deal public by monday just to let the world see what these people on!!!” said Meek before vowing to wage war. “ima war for everything that’s mines all ruthless vibes!”

Meek Mill To Drop Next Project As An Independent On The Blockchain

Meek Mill has openly expressed his issues with his current label. Last year, Meek went on a rant about his label taking advantage of him and not profiting enough from his music. His next move, he revealed, is going to be as an independant via the blockchain.  Determined to cut the middleman out, the Philly rapper says he’s starting with the release of a new Dream Chasers mixtape.

No Bars In Court

Jay-Z and Meek Mill are urging lawmakers to pass the “Rap Music On Trial” Bill to prevent courts from using lyrics to prosecute alleged crimes. The social justice activists enlisted the help of a host of other artists to help push the cause.