Meek Mill has openly expressed his issues with his current label. Last year, Meek went on a rant about his label taking advantage of him and not profiting enough from his music. His next move, he revealed, is going to be as an independant via the blockchain.

Meek Mill

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Meek Mill Chases Dreams Independently

Meek is determined to cut the middleman out, beginning with the release of a new Dream Chasers mixtape.

He took to Instagram to announce his plans to release new music independent of his label.

“No major label..So every time I make real money off music..ima invest a million in my hood.. Off the flow! Pay attention.. Real steppa sh*t.”

“What platform with blockchain ready for music  …. I may do one platform for my music ?????? Serious question??? Sandbox, opensea ?????”

Meek Calling Out His Label Is Nothing New

Meek Mill called out his record label after he released Expensive Pain.

“i’m about to make my record deal public by monday just to let the world see what these people on!!!” said Meek before vowing to wage war. “ima war for everything that’s mines all ruthless vibes!”

No Bars In Court

Aside from his next mixtape move, Meek Mill is teaming up with Jay-Z to urge lawmakers to pass the Rap Music On Trial Bill to prevent courts from using lyrics to prosecute alleged crimes. The social justice activists enlisted the help of a host of other artists to help push the cause.