NBA YoungBoy‘s ex, Lil Blue, is trending on social media after a video of her new tattoo – and its unmissable positioning – surfaced online. Lil Blue is the latest of the Louisiana rappers’ exes that has come out of the woodwork since his album dropped last week.

NBA YoungBoy

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NBA Youngboy’s Ex Tats His Name In Her Lips

Lil Blue has social media talking after pictures surfaced of her new ink dedicated to her ex-boyfriend. She tattooed “Kentrell” on the inside of her lips.  

Blue and NBA dated for a while before going their separate ways. Apparently, she wants his name to forever be in her mouth. Literally.

Social media got at Blue over the tat and she clapped back, saying she wasn’t looking for clout and that it was her friend, “CF,” who posted it online. She took to IG to address the viral clip, saying: “It’s inside my lip. I don’t get why mtfers I don’t even know have so much to say? I can do what I want. Who made you perfect?” she wrote on her story

​​She then addressed her “friend,” CF for posting the video to socials, saying she is officially canceled. “And CF is deleted y’all b*tches gone stop screenshot shit sending to them damn blogs. Shit lame. If I wanted to be seen I would’ve put on my story,” she added.

Meanwhile, NBA Youngboy’s producer recently took to Instagram to tell his fans that the rapper is officially taking a break from music. He said the rapper needs “#Healing Time”. He also said his album will come out “approximately 6 months from now and has amazing songs.”

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YaYa Mayweather Still Loves NBA Youngboy

We recently reported on another ex of Youngboy’s, Yaya Mayweather, going on social media to confess her love for him.

Yaya Mayweather is letting everybody know that she is STILL riding for NBA Youngboy.  The socialite and daughter of boxer Floyd Mayweather reposted a quote that said “I’ll never love nobody like I love Kentrell”, referring to Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden.

NBA Youngboy Accused of Kicking 1-Year-Old Son Out of Home

One of the NBA Youngboy’s baby mothers, Arcola, is calling out the rapper for allegedly kicking their one-year-old son out of his home during a parental visit in Utah.  Allegedly, YoungBoy was upset at something that Arcola had posted about him on social media