New York rapper Maino went way back in time for Throwback Thursday. The hip-hop entertainer jumped onto social media to share a low-key thirsty pic of himself hanging out with Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union from way back in the day.

Tipsy Maino

The Brooklyn rap veteran hit up Instagram with the must-see shot. The pic features Maino looking extra interested in Union while she posed for the shot.

“Throw Back!” -Maino’s Instagram

New York rapper Maino shared a thirsty pic of him with Gabrielle Union

Presidential Attention

Recently, the Brooklyn native shared an epic photoshopped shot. In the pic, former president Bill Clinton is chilling in quarantine surrounded by Maino’s 2009 If Tomorrow Comes debut album.

“Billy know what it is! 😜” -Maino’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In March 2020, the Brooklyn rap artist delivered a rare pic of himself. Maino went to his social media pages to share a must-see 80’s-90’s moment.

“Adolescents at War! Throw it all the way Back.  #JERMAINE #DieAlegend“

Before You Go

In mid-March 2020, Maino shared a recent flashback. In the pic, he’s seen chilling with fellow BK native Lil’ Kim and The LOX’s Jadakiss.