Reality TV star Nicole Richie is out here trying to provide content for people in quarantine. The high-profile entertainer is gearing up to touch the rap game with her new “Nikki Fre$h” series.

Big Facts

This week, the must-see trailer premiered online. It features Nicole channeling her inner hip-hop side and interacting with a slew of socially conscious celebrities.

High-Key Details

According to the show, Nicole’s hip-hop alter ego will meet up with people both in the music biz and consciousness experts. The series will also showcase Richie’s rapping skills.

Starring and executive produced by Nicole Richie, ‘Nikki Fre$h’ unites her passions for Mother Earth and hip hop into her eponymous alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. Nikki brings a new voice to wellness with a totally fresh style of music – dropping socially conscious and educational rhymes on the world. Nikki Fre$h will interact with real life seekers and consciousness experts to learn ways to better serve our bodies and our planet — while comedically exaggerating those solutions to the edge of sanity.

Wait, There’s More

Richie also plays a key role behind the scenes. The show will stream on online platform Quibi beginning April 6.

The series will be executive produced by Nicole Richie, Michael Baum, & Carrie Franklin who continues her relationship with Nicole since showrunning the critical and fan favorite “Candidly Nicole.” The Quibi app is now available for pre-order. Quibi is currently offering a 90 day free trial for a limited time to those who sign-up at before April 30.

Before You Go

Over the past few months, Nicole has teased her new hip-hop show. She’s relied on the power of social media to hint at her venture into the rap game.

“Well @rollingstone we shall see WE SHALL SEE… ???? #NikkiFresh@quibi“

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Well @rollingstone we shall see WE SHALL SEE… ???? #NikkiFresh @quibi

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“She’s ready for her close-up. #NikkiFresh. April 6th on @quibi ????”

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