NLE Choppa is taking his herbalism and health-conscious lifestyle to the next level this year. SOHH’s favorite vegan rapper is claiming to have an herbal remedy for all the women looking to increase breast and butt size.

NLE Choppa

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NLE Choppa’s Natural BBL Remedy

NLE is always a bit “progressive” when it comes to health and wellness – touting veganism as a remedy for violence and sea moss natural cures.  The Memphis rapper recently took to Twitter with his newest health announcement, this time, a natural product to increase the size of breasts and butts.

NLE took to Twitter and wrote, “2022 I will be presenting a herb that NATURALLY works [as] a BBL also increases breast size,” he typed. “For every 3000 SURGERIES there is one death. Let’s naturally get the body you want. I am here to assist.

The True Cost Of The Brazilian Butt Lift

A BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure in which liposuction is done to take fat from the stomach area that is then transferred to the butt and hips to add fullness. 

However, the popular surgery can also result in infection, scarring, or fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can lead to death.

The BBL procedure can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. 

So it’s likely that the herb NLE Choppa is referring to – if it actually works – would cost a lot less than the actual surgery.

NLE Launches Vegan Food Truck

NLE Choppa has responded to the crisis of health and violence in his Memphis hometown with the launch of a new vegan food truck.

NLE Choppa announced the launch of his vegan food truck “This Can’t Be Vegan”. The Memphis native revealed that he started his journey as a vegan in August 2020 after realizing how meat was affecting his body.  He believes that going vegan could promote better mental and physical health and in turn reduce the crime rate.