Embattled R&B star R.Kelly is experiencing a heavily stressful time behind bars. A judge has seized the now-incarcerated singer’s commissary balance.

R. Kelly

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R. Kelly Gets Stripped and Seized

R. Kelly has another inconvenience to deal with as his jail balance of $27,828 was seized in a ruling by  U.S. District Judge Ann M. Donnelly on Friday. 

The large sum of money will go into a new interest-bearing account and cover a $900 court fine. 

When the court fine gets paid, the rest of the funds will be applied to the victim’s restitution once the court determines what they are owed, which Donnelly also ruled.

R. Kelly Left To Fight For Scraps

While R. Kelly is incarcerated at MCC-Chicago, his commissary will be harder for him to come by. After the money from his account gets seized, he is left with about $500 for snacks, toiletries, and other items. 

R. Kelly’s lawyers are claiming that the money was “confiscated” due to the government not filing a notice of default or restitution not being finalized. 

Judge Donnelly felt seizing the money was “appropriate,” and she was “mindful of the victims’ rights to full and timely restitution.”