In recent news, Miami rapper Rick Ross’s family was fined by Wingstop for unfairly charging their employees.

Rick Ross

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What’s The Tea?

The family of rapper Rick Ross owns five restaurants in the Mississippi area. 

Sources say that the family made their employees illegally pay for background checks and uniforms, register shortages, and deducted money from their employees.

The older sister of the “Purple Lamborghini” rapper, Tawnda Roberts, is one of the managers along with their mother, Tommie Roberts. 

So What Happened To Them?

The Department of Labor recovered $51,000 in wages owed to the staff consisting of 244 individuals. 

While doing this, they also fined the business owner a fee of over $62,000 in civil penalties.

Roberts did not want to comment when asked about the allegations against the restaurant. 

A reporter reached out to Wingstop’s corporate office and was met with this statement: 

“The restaurants investigated by the DOL are owned and operated by a franchisee, not Wingstop Restaurants Inc. Our franchise agreement requires all of our franchisees to operate under our operating standards, which requires compliance with all laws and regulations.”

“We were not previously aware of the DOL action against Boss Wings LLC.”

What’s Going To Happen To Them?

Numerous violations were found during the investigation with the Department of Labor such as a 15-year-old boy who was working for the family illegally and numerous wage violations for over 29,000 employees. 

It is unclear what will happen to the family once they pay the fine for the violations. 

Hopefully, they will learn from this experience and treat their workers with respect in the future.

Ross’s family is in legal trouble while he is playing “incarcerated” on TV.

Earlier this year, The Maybach Music Group boss added “actor” to his résumé by appearing in an episode of Queen Latifah’s hit show The Equalizer.