Richmond’s Rizzy Rackz has just enhanced his music catalog with the release of ‘Risky Business Deluxe,’ an extension of his previously acclaimed album. This deluxe version introduces 15 tracks, including the fresh hit “No Drill.”

From the outset, ‘Risky Business Deluxe’ displays Rizzy’s unique artistic voice and his knack for storytelling. The album opens with “The 1st,” which impresses with its vigorous beats and introspective lyrics. It is followed by “Risky Business,” which cleverly intertwines personal anecdotes with wider societal insights.

The album continues to unfold with songs like “Achieving,” “Extras,” and “Light Years,” each highlighting a different facet of Rizzy’s artistry. “Started” and “Pressure,” with FNF Chop, reflect the mixed experiences of pursuing a music career, while “Gimme My Bag” with Luh Kiddo is an anthem to relentless pursuit and achievement.

For a lighter touch, “Papi” and “Goku” show Rizzy‘s ability to flip between serious and entertaining themes effortlessly. Meanwhile, “Dog House” with WTO Sco and “No Drill” with Big Razo are notable for their impactful collaborations, enriching the album’s diversity.

“No Drill” is particularly powerful, addressing the tough aspects of street life with stark realism. Rizzy’s lyrics are direct, discussing the struggles and resilience required to stay ahead. Big Razo adds a complementary verse, emphasizing the raw and unyielding nature of their daily grind.

The deluxe album also features songs like “OV” and “Big Dawg,” as well as the earlier single “Loving Me Baby,” providing a full picture of Rizzy’s artistic growth. ‘Risky Business Deluxe’ not only highlights Rizzy Rackz’s solid place in the music industry but also offers an insightful look at his evolution and the varied influences that shape his work. It’s an engaging album that is likely to resonate with a broad audience.

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