The Compton legend Roddy Ricch, who was last seen blazing the stage at Kendrick‘s ‘The Pop Out‘ in LA, is back with another banger. Heavy on the sub-bass with punchy 808s, the track features Roddy dishing out flirty flows full of compliments to his muse.

The barebones production, with a sizzle for a high hat and some minimalistic pad based chords in the back runs for a total of two minutes and seven seconds, making for a repeat worthy, digestible release. The vocals are heavily autotuned, as is on brand with the West Coast rapper, who raps in a laid back mid-tempo flow.

The artwork captures a scene from the music video of ‘911’, and features a house on fire. The music video itself takes a story driven approach, where we see Roddy as the protagonist and saviour, saving a woman who has been abducted and tied to a chair on a railway track. Roddy then continues to build on this saviour motif, saving women across different scenarios. Check out the video below!

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