Russ, the independent rapper-producer known best for his versatile music ability and criticisms of the music industry, is back with another single made in collaboration with 6LACK. As one might expect, the duo are in their soulful bag with this one; after all, it is the style of music that has arguably favoured them the best so far.

I mean, If you liked Russ in the phase he was ‘Losin Control‘, chances are you’ll love him on this one too. Singing over a minimalist beat and guitar lick, Russ reassuringly (and vulnerably) sings to a significant other acknowledging how he understands their feeling overwhelmed while he works on himself. He further talks about unlearning some things as he grows more, and how he doesn’t expect the person to stay but hopes they wouldn’t leave.

A song to reassure to the worrying lover inside, the track couldn’t be better suited for artist 6LACK, who himself received overwhelming love from fans for his soulful project, East Atlanta Love Letter in 2018.

With songs like ‘Pretty Little Fears‘, the artist has been well seasoned in matters of the heart and has showcased a certain mastery of a style that is as unique as it is palatable. Certainly one to be proud of in the duo’s discography, here’s the song for your listening pleasure!

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