Rapper and singer Russ, who was last seen with 6LACK on the extremely emotional and evocative single, ‘Workin’ on Me’, has quickly followed the audience’s welcoming reception with his latest, ‘Bestfriend’, featuring Melii.

In a back to back approach of dropping singles, which is rather uncharacteristic of artists beyond a certain phase of their career (barring Kendrick and Drake in recent times!), the rapper is back to his 2016 self.

In an Instagram post a day before the song’s release, Russ expressed the same sentiment about how it feels like he’s back to dropping new music weekly.

The song is produced by hitmaker Boi-1da who Russ has collaborated with a few times now.

Fans have been excited for this one, owing especially to the fact that Russ has been touring with Melii. It speaks volumes as to the connections Russ cherishes, and how he takes out time in the middle of touring to work with people who perform with him. This sort of connection in music is rather rare now, and one we personally cherish. So, without further ado, here is where you can stream the track that’s out now!

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