So-So Defs’ Jermaine Dupri got severely criticized and served on Black Twitter over the weekend after musical icon Janet Jackson revealed the truth about their relationship in her latest documentary JANET JACKSON.

Janet Jackson

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Janet Jackson Revel

Over the weekend, Janet Jackson’s lifetime documentary revealed some shocking secrets. The most surprising revelation was the reason for her breakup with record executive and long-time boyfriend Jermaine Dupri.

According to the documentary, Dupri cheating on her ended the eight-year relationship.

Jermaine Dupri had a different story about the breakup. Jermaine went on T.I.’s podcast Expeditiously in 2020 and claimed the breakup was caused by differences on moving to Atlanta. Janet had a home in Los Angeles and allegedly didn’t want to move to Atlanta to be closer to Jermaine.

In the documentary, Jermaine Dupri appeared to blame Janet for his infidelity saying, “Dating Janet attracts other women.”

In light of this new revelation the So So Def founder received some backlash from the Black Twitter Community, one critic tweeted, “Janet was ready to marry Jermaine Dupri Smurf self and he blew it by cheating.” 

The tweets didn’t stop there as another critic went in on Dupri’s “I’m a man” justification for cheating on the Janet and called him a “bonafide fool” on Twitter.