Dancehall artist Sheensea and her label, Interscope Records, have been hit with a $10 million copyright lawsuit for her hit single, “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion. The song is on the list in her new album Alpha.


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Shenseea’s celebration of a new album gets cut short

Shenseea and her record label Interscope have been hit with a $10 million lawsuit. The dancehall artist’s superhot single “Lick” featuring Houston hottie Megan thee Stallion is being accused of copyright.

The lawsuit is declaring Shenseea ripped off portions of  Denise Belfon’s song “Work” without clearing the sample. Anastas “Nas-T” Hackett, who wrote, produced, and recorded “Work” with Belfon back in 1999, filed the lawsuit.

Nas-T is claiming that back in September, a request to use parts of “Work” was denied due to “the inadequate terms offered.” However, Shenseea and her team went ahead and sampled the song anyway “without authority or consent” and “used significant parts of the song,” ultimately violating the United States Copyright Act. 

The claims came after Nas-T had an interview about the song. He said: “I think it’s a wonderful thing, especially when they seek clearances to be used in songs instead of taking it willy-nilly.”

Shenseea Gave Props To The Whining Queen

Back in January during the time “Lick” was released, Shenseea was spotted performing “Lick” in a club with “Work” singer, Denise Belfon right by her side

Shenseea gave props to Belfon, saying, ” Big up Denise, she is the original queen of put your back in it. I’m a woman I love to support women”

At that time, there was no apparent beef over the use of Work, and no copyright claims were filed at this time.

Megan and Shenseea Announce “Lick”

Megan Thee Stallion and Shenseea  announced their “Lick” collaboration in January,   posting the cover art of the pair looking sexy and posing together on the floor, drawing immediate comparisons to the iconic visuals that came with Megan and Cardi’s hit “WAP.”  Shenseea gained exposure after being featured in Kanye West’s album “Donda” and making an appearance at his listening party.

Is Shenseea London On Da Track’s Newest Conquest?

Shenseea recently released her new anticipated studio album Alpha and of course, she had to have an album release party to celebrate. The party was in her home country Jamaica and although the party was in celebration of Shenseea, music producer London On Da Track stole the show. 

London iced Shenseea out in a new diamond chain with an ‘S’ pendant to match. The two have been getting pretty cozy lately, they were caught holding hands at the Super Bowl causing a frenzy of the two possibly dating.