Howard University students held a sit-in at the Blackburn building on campus to demand that administrators address critical housing conditions and tuition issues. The students’ nonviolent protest was instead met with a police response.

Howard University

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Howard Students Shut The Campus Down

“If our students can’t even be safe in the institutions created for them, where can they be safe?” That was the question posed by student and Tik Toker frankie eccentric, who is trending on Tik Tok after bringing light to the protests.

Students are speaking up and demanding that the university address the issue of affordable housing and poor living environments, including reports of mold in their dorm rooms. 

Furthermore, many are struggling financially, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and don’t feel the university is supporting their students in need.

Howard students have taken to Twitter and are calling on alumni to apply pressure to the administration to respond and address these issues.

Students have continued to occupy the Blackburn building and are asking for money as well as blankets, pillows, and food to support their efforts for justice.  The hashtag #Blackburntakeover is now trending as more alumni and students occupy campus and assist in the demonstration.

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Chadwick Boseman Honored  By Howard University With A Scholarship

This news follows our recent report of a $5.4 million scholarship announced at Howard in the name of the late actor Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman’s legacy even in death continues to impact generations to come as Netflix has now partnered with Howard University to provide a $5.4 million scholarship in his name. Nick Cannon is also helping HBCU students in need.