New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is determined to get some answers. The hip-hop star has stepped up to call out chart-tracking organization Billboard over possibly intentionally snubbing him out of “GOOBA” landing atop its Hot 100 chart.

6ix9ine Reports

Tekashi went to his reliable Instagram page to question how pop star Ariana Grande made an insane five-spot jump on the chart projection. He shared industry documents showing how in less than 24 hours, Grande’s “Stuck With U” managed to jump over hits by himself, Megan Thee Stallion, The Weeknd and Doja Cat.

“I’ll be real disappointed if Billboard gets paid for number ones, someone manipulates the charts – I want the whole world to see this. What I’m about to show you is a forecast of the report that every label gets – it was sent yesterday. Number one, Doja Cat, ‘Say So,’ number two, 6ix9ine, ‘GOOBA,’ number three The Weeknd, ‘Blinding Lights,’ number four, Megan Thee Stallion, number five, Ariana Grande, ‘Stuck With U.’ Last night, which is completely illegal, last second, last hour, ‘Stuck With U’ submits 60,000 units out of nowhere. This is the forecast they sent every label. Ariana Grande with ‘Stuck With U’ at 43.7. Jumps 12 points. They went from being fifth place to being first place out of nowhere. And puts ‘GOOBA’ 40 points. So it never jumps to number one.”

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@billboard explain this to the millions of artist who never got #1 because you guys play favorites.

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Extra Push

6ix9ine also referenced how Billboard has plugged Grande’s new record on its social media pages. Tekashi showed fans a tweet it put out encouraging followers to support her single.

Wait, There’s More

On Wednesday, Tekashi relied on his Instagram page to initially call out Billboard. 6ix9ine tooted his own horn about “GOOBA” dominating streams and asked the Billboard folks to properly report his stats.

“@billboard We’re watching this very closely. The world is watching very closely, we love you and always supported the charting. On every platform we are dominating by a LANDSLIDE. The numbers are there and to be looked at. WITH NO RADIO WE ARE DOMINATING THE STREAMS. I will hate to believe that people pay for their spins on the radio and making manipulating bundles to manipulate the chart. Again it’s still early Im just making it clear that the world is watching” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last Saturday, 6ix9ine hit up IG to boast his popularity. Tekashi reacted to his comeback record toppling music by rap peers including Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, DaBaby and Lil Durk.

“When everybody dropped an album. & I just DROP ONE SONG ?????” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram