7.Diana Yukawa

Award-winning Solo Violinist and Songwriter Diana Yukawa has had 3 successful albums with Sony Music and BMG Japan. Diana started learning to play the violin at the very young age of 5. Throughout her career, she has had solo performances at major venues such as Burj Khalifa, St. James Piccadilly, Cadogan Hall Khalifa Stadium in Qatar, and Hollywood Bowl.

6.Camilla Kerslake

Having a voice capable of hushing the audience or causing it to roar approval as it is tempted to say Camilla Kerslake has no problem with enchanting audiences with her performances. At the very beginning of her career, Camilla recorded her own versions of two classic pieces, ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Pie Jesu,’ showing off her remarkable voice. Being one of the classical crossover’s younger representatives, Camilla still has a long way to go. Still, her vivid talent is evident to everyone appreciating strong voices and inspiring vocal ranges. 

5.Petra Berger

Having vocal capacities that are often being compared to those of Andrea Bocelli or Céline Dion, Petra Berger is highly appreciated in her home country, the Netherlands. The artist received the acknowledgment thanks to her gift to stir up an audience to great highs and lows. The artist is not afraid of testing the significance of every note and word that she sings. Add to that palette her emotionality while performing, and the magic is ready.


Keedie, a British soprano singing classical music and pop, better known as ‘classical crossover’ or ‘popera,’ has three octaves in her voice that reach a top A above a top E making her a perfect fit to our list.

3.Giorgia Fumanti

Beautiful Italian Crossover Soprano Giorgia Fumanti composes her own music and writes her own lyrics largely inspired by the works of Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, and other notable film composers. Her music combines Classical, World, Pop, and Crossover elements making her sound unique and recognizable.

2.Summer Watson

British soprano, singer-songwriter Summer Watson is a true Classical Crossover star. Receiving numerous individual awards and grants during her studies at the Royal College of Music in London, Summer then signed a contract with Sony and became the first-ever classical crossover artist to sign a £1million deal. She is also known for recording with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios and AIR Studios. Recently, Summer released a song titled “Unveiled” from her upcoming EP Unveiled. Hopefully, we will soon be able to enjoy the full EP as well.


Classically trained as a soprano/mezzo-soprano at the Royal Academy of Music in London on the Bachelor of Music course between 2007-2011, Lauren Nicole Walker, better known as Eurielle, co-wrote and recorded her debut album “Arcadia” in 2010 before graduation. Since then, the artist became one of the most notable classical crossover figures composing for films and TV shows. Recently seven solo tracks she performed were for the 2020 film “Enola Holmes,” you can search them by searching “Enola Holmes Official Soundtrack.”

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