What many speculated for years is finally coming to the light. After 50 years, the men convicted for assassinating Malcolm X will be exonerated.

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Who Really Killed Malcolm X?

The two men who have spent a combined 42 years in prison after they were found guilty of fatally shooting Malcolm X are being exonerated after their case went under review. 

The death of X has puzzled people for years, with many suspecting that the assassination stemmed from the government’s campaign to eradicate influential Black leaders.

Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam are expected to be exonerated as a result of a nearly two-year review into the 1965 assassination, led by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Innocence Project. For decades, scholars and historians challenged the conviction, stating that the prosecution botched the investigation. 

The men are expected to be exonerated on Thursday in a New York courthouse.

Malcolm X’s Family Reveal Letter Showing FBI + NYPD’s Assassination Plot

A shocking letter from an ex-police offer surrounding the death of civil rights icon Malcolm X has emerged. The late leader’s family has demanded the reopening of his murder investigation in light of the deathbed note penned by Raymond Wood.

Raymond Wood, who was a cop at the time of Malcolm X’s 1965 murder, wrote that his responsibility was to ensure the leader’s security team were arrested days before he was shot dead in Manhattan. His daughters have called for the murder case to be opened once more as they claim the FBI and NYPD were involved.