West Coast rapper Tyga is staying busy learning interesting things in quarantine. The hip-hop star went online this week to share some footage of himself showing off a new trick he picked up.

Big Facts

Tyga went to Instagram last night with some insane footage. In the clip, he reveals his ability to now use his feet to pour bottles. However, the video hints at Ty possibly using some trickery to pull off the move.

“Learn something new everyday” -Tyga’s Instagram

“Legendary wow 😂” -G-Eazy

“Boyyyy😂😂” -Megan Thee Stallion

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Learn something new everyday

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High-Key Details

Last week, the California rap star shared some of his favorite “Bored In The House” viral videos. The Los Angeles native released some shots of men and women alike turning up to his new record.

“Who else #boredinthehouse ?!”

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Who else #boredinthehouse ?!

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Tyga’s “Bored in the House” has taken off during quarantine period

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Tyga teamed up with fellow rap artist Curtis Roach for their must-see “Bored In The House” music video. In the visual, they’re both in their houses rapping about surviving the nationwide quarantine.

Before You Go

A few days ago, Tyga explained the motivation behind putting together the visual. He reached out to Roach about doing their collaboration.

“When I did it, it was, like, 15,000 videos,” Tyga, 30, tells The Post. “Now it’s, like, over a million in the last week. It’s all types of people doing it. It’s crazy, and it shows you how powerful music is and the internet … how fast everything spreads.” In fact, Tyga was so hyped on the “Bored in the House” sensation that he reached out to Roach to record a single based on the hook from his “TikTok” video, which dropped on Saturday. (New York Post)

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Bored in the mufukkin house bored Out Now link up top @curtistootrill

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Drop it?!? #boredinthehouse @curtistootrill

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