Investment banker by day and rapper by night, rap newcomer Jake James’ story is a tale of coming up from the projects to flipping investment portfolios – all the while scheming on a rap music masterplan.  Meet Jake James – Hip-Hop’s “Wolf of Wall Street”  – and get your money right for 2022 with his 5 Crypto Money Move Tips.

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The “Hip-Hop Wolf of Wall Street”

Coming up poor in a small town in rural New York, Jake James made his way to Wall Street and hustled million dollar transactions in investment banking. By night, he was plotting his rap come up.  

Jake’s first two singles, released earlier this year, feature production from Buckwild and Statik Selektah and serve as the first introduction of his story while he prepped for the release of his debut EP, Earnings Season, out now.  And he just dropped a new single and video, Count It Slow

But, before we get too deep into the music, SOHH asked Jake James for some crypto investment advice.  Sit down and take notes.

Jake James’ 5 Tips On Making Crypto Money Moves

Jake James Tip #1: “Before you invest in crypto, understand blockchain technology. Blockchain runs off a validation mechanism. You have a proof of work and a proof of stay blockchain. Bitcoin runs on proof of work and newer crypto like Ethereum run off proof of stay.”

Jake James Tip #2: “Once you start trading crypto, don’t be afraid to cash out on your winners and double down on your losers. That means when you hit your investment goal don’t be afraid to pull money out and reinvest elsewhere. When you hit a loss threshold don’t be afraid to take advantage of the lower prices.”

Jake James Tip #3: “Dollar-cost averaging can help you get the most out of your crypto investments. That means making periodic investments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to help you grow your portfolio overtime”

Jake James Tip #4: “If the crypto runs on a proof of stake blockchain technology, make sure you are staking your crypto. That means just for holding crypto in your wallet you can earn an annual percentage rate on your investment.”

Jake James Tip #5: “If you’re trading altcoins or meme coins make sure you take into account slippage cost. Slippage cost is the percentage you can lose just for selling your investment. It’s the difference between what you ask for your crypto versus what an investor is willing to pay for it.”

You ready to make this money in 2022?  Good. 

Now check out Jake James’ new single, Count It Slow, and stream The Earning Season.