West Coast rap legend Xzibit is taking care of his day ones. After starting up his new Napalm Cannabis company, he took a moment to send a care package to the legendary Dr. Dre.

X Gives

Xzibit sent some new THC-filled products and merchandise to the Doc. He shared the moment on an Instagram post and showed gratitude for the success of his new business so far.

“Sending this care package to @drdre on the same day Forbes.com wrote a stunning review on my new company @napalmcannabisco is poetic justice. I confide in my brother Dre and the advice and wisdom that he has given me, is priceless. Thank you Capp! Enjoy the Napalm and let’s continue to grow. #AftermathStaff#Forever” – Xzibit Instagram

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New Ventures

In a recent interview, X spoke about his endeavor. It’s not his first time in the cannabis industry, either.

This is not the first time Xzibit has ventured into the cannabis business. A couple of years ago, he partnered up and created the edibles brand LOL Taffy. But things have changed a lot since then: “That was kind of like getting my feet wet. It was a different time. But it was great because I got to cut my teeth on something and I love being able to build things from the ground up.” As years went by, the rapper took all the experience he had amassed from mass marketing and putting out records, and created the (famous and then infamous) company Brass Knuckles with two other partners. This cannabis vape carts venture, however, would turn out to be a “huge part of (his) learning curve in the cannabis industry.” In fact, one of the company’s top selling products was none other than Napalm, which had been named after one of Xzibit’s albums, and would later turn into his own brand  — after leaving Brass Knuckles. (Forbes)

Wait, There’s More

He also spoke about illegitimate products and the health risks behind them. X also recalled the legal aspects of weed and how it once was an arrestable offense.

He also acknowledged the health concerns about vaporizers, which he stated were caused by illicit market, untested devices, and shared a very interesting perspective: “I gotta ask you a question. You wouldn’t buy cold medicine from somebody in an alley, out of a trunk, at 12 o’clock at night. Why would you think that it’s okay to buy a smokeable cannabis product from somebody in an alley out of a backpack? (…) You have to be cautious, you have to buy our products from licensed facilities from licensed distribution. There is no other way to get Napalm. If you are able to get it out of somebody’s trunk, then you’re not buying real authentic Napalm.” (Forbes)

Before You Go

He also wants fans to stay woke. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to share his take on buzz about the Department of Justice wanting emergency powers privileges during the current coronavirus epidemic. X went to social media back in March to spread his voice and concerns. The California rapper reminded Instagram followers this power move would have a historic impact if approved.

“This is not a vacation people. Pay attention. The COVID-19 virus is one thing, but the actions being taken surrounding this event will impact us globally from here on out. Good Morning.”