YFN Lucci has been stabbed while serving his sentence in jail. According to court documents obtained by SOHH, he has received death threats and now fears for his safety. Court testimony indicates this may be an inside job.

YFN Lucci
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Lucci In Fear Of Death In Jail

On March 1, during a court proceeding at the Fulton County Courthouse in Georgia, YFN Lucci, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, asked for an “EMERGENCY MOTION FOR BOND DUE TO MATERIAL CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES,” stating that he was stabbed in jail and has a bounty on his head. 

The motion stated that on February 9th, “another inmate stabbed Defendant (Lucci) while he was in protective custody on the 6 Floor (North) at the Fulton County Jail. Specifically, the other inmate approached Defendant from behind while Defendant was participating in a video visitation. The other inmate had made a homemade shank that he used to stab Defendant.”

Lucci Stabbing Points To An Inside Job

And there is a twist – testimony of the incident points to a possible inside job with the cooperation and involvement of a correction officer employed at the jail.  

Lucci’s lawyer in the motion questions how the “other inmate was permitted to walk around freely outside of his cell during Defendant’s video visitation,” considering Lucci was in a protected zone and “no other inmates were authorized to be out of his cell at the time Defendant (Lucci) was participating in video visitation.”  

The question highlights what appears to be a blatant security gap in the most secure area of the prison, pointing to some level of involvement by the prison staff.

Lucci Says A Bounty Is On His Head

After the stabbing, Lucci learned that his enemies won’t stop there, and they intend on finishing him off for good. The court documents stated that “since the stabbing, Defendant has been told that there is a bounty on his head. As a result, Defendant fears that his life is in jeopardy if he remains in the custody of the Fulton County Jail.”

Lucci’s Bail Revoked On Murder and RICO Charges

Back in May 2021, the “Everyday We Lit” hitmaker YFN Lucci was named in a massive indictment as one of a dozen gang-related suspects facing a long list of racketeering charges. Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, Esq, said the murder charge against Bennett, which has since been rolled into the racketeering case against him, will not stick in court. 

According to Findling, the incident happened when someone shot at Lucci’s car as he was driving with friends. Someone in the back seat defensively returned fire, and in the ensuing exchange of shots, a passenger in the car was killed. Because Bennett was the driver, he was charged with felony murder.