The coronavirus pandemic is hitting everybody. Financially, mentally and physically, COVID-19 is making its way around and wreaking havoc. Atlanta rap star Young Thug recently talked about how the global crisis is hitting his pockets.

Big Facts

This week, Thugger chopped it up with radio veteran Big Boy about his own personal situation. Young Thug admitted his biggest hit comes from not being able to perform at concerts.

“Maybe it’s gonna cost me double, right, cause I ain’t gonna be able to do the shows. Let’s say I get $500 thousand for a show, and I can’t do these 10 shows. Then I don’t make $5 million ’til June. And then I might spend a million, two million on this quarantine stuff. I got family, my daddy, my momma. … They moving. I’m like ‘y’all stay in the house’ and they like ‘yeah.’ They get tired of their house every week. Now they going to go get a penthouse suite at a hotel. Like this s**t cost money and you don’t make the money off your shows”

Young Thug says coronavirus is costing him millions

High-Key Details

Big Boy also asked him which fellow hip-hop artist can’t come inside his crib. Despite having a close-knit relationship with him, Young said Lil Uzi Vert didn’t have the green light to enter.

“”He the f**king devil. He’ll break stuff in your house. He do little evil stupid s**t.”

Young Thug says coronavirus is keeping him from letting Lil Uzi Vert inside his house

Wait, There’s More

Thug has made sure fans continue to receive new music during lockdown. He appears on fellow musicians Gunna and Turbo‘s new “Quarantine Clean” single.

“Quarantine Clean tomorrow be ready”

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Quarantine clean tomorrow be ready

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Before You Go

This week, Thugger’s pal Gunna’s new NAV and Travis Scott-featured “Turks” music video premiered to the masses. The video featured the trio hanging out together and surrounded by gun-totting vixen.

Directed by Amir “Cash” Esmailian and Zack Fax, NAV enlists an all female militia with AK-47s as the firearms of choice. Helicopters fly overhead while flamethrowers, vintage tanks and dancers all make for a must-watch effort. The Wheezy produced song marks the second time that the trio has collaborated after Travis Scott’s Astroworld hit “YOSEMITE.” NAV has confirmed that “Turks” serves as the first single from his upcoming and untitled third studio effort. Gunna is also cooking up something major, as his recently debuted “Skybox” video introduced his next project, WUNNA. (HYPEBEAST)