50 Cent suggests that his next album could be his last.

The imprint that 50 Cent left on the rap game in a short amount of time is truly unmatched. He shifted hip-hop entirely when he emerged with his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’then did astronomical numbers with his sophomore release, The Massacre. Now, the quality of music might not be at the same standard as it was in the early 2000s. Still, Fif’s contribution and efforts in hip-hop deserve to be celebrated more frequently.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Fif has largely shifted towards television and film. The Power franchise continues to flourish while many are ecstatic about the next season of BMF. On top of the numerous TV projects that are in the works is a new album from Fif. He previously mentioned that he was cooking up a new project. On Monday, he offered a bittersweet update on the project’s status while reflecting on his status in the game.

“Smile my next album might be my last,” he captioned a post on Instagram. “I terrorized hip-hop for 14 years. don’t believe me Nielsen, the numbers will never lie but I’m nobody’s favorite smh,” he added with a facepalm emoji.

“Nah [devil emoji] I’m top 10 dead or alive and I’m not done,” he concluded.

Fif recently spoke on being excluded from a top 10 list of rappers from New York last month. Similarly, he reminded fans of how much of a force to be reckoned with he is whenever he puts his focus solely into music. “They said i’m not in the Top 10 out of New York artist, i’m nobody’s favorite, i’m a nightmare for these fools when i focus,” Fif said. 

Fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of Street King Immortal which he confirmed will not be released earlier this year. We’ll keep you posted on more information surrounding 50 Cent‘s next project.