50 Cent criticizes Steven Victor, Pop Smoke’s manager, for enlisting Virgil Abloh to design the cover artwork for Pop Smoke’s new album.

In the eyes of 50 Cent, none of this backlash would have happened if Steven Victor, the late Pop Smoke‘s manager, kept his nose out of his business and never hit up Virgil Abloh to design the cover art for Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon.

For the last couple of days, 50 Cent has been flooding the timeline with potential covers for the official debut studio album by Pop Smoke, which will also serve as his first posthumous full-length project. While the moment is bittersweet for many reasons, it turned ugly when Virgil Abloh revealed the cover artwork he had designed for it. Labeled “lazy” and “disrespectful,” the art was not a hit with fans.

50 Cent Pop Smoke
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Fiddy has been working hard in securing features for the album and he laid it on the Off-White designer for his design, much like everyone else did on social media. Now, he’s being more calculated in his approach but he is subtly dissing Steven Victor, the executive that managed Pop, for even inviting Virgil to the party.

“If steven would have just stayed out of the way, i wouldn’t have to do all this shit,” wrote Curtis Jackson, referring to everyone telling him to stop drowning out content on the TL. “I should ouch him in da face.”

Out of the covers that Fif has shared this week, do you have a favorite?