The rapper got candid with Desus & Mero.

ASAP Rocky has new music and it’s coming soon.

The rapper sat down with Desus and Mero and reflected with the two about his upcoming album, All Smiles. The duo popped the question about the project around the 1:38 mark. 

“I kinda been in the zone,” Rocky said. “Just, like, trying to isolate from everything, to try and stay focused and try not to be too influenced by everything but still keep my eye on what’s going on and stuff. I just been low-key.”

The album, which has been in the work for over two years, is almost 90% completed, Rocky said. He described the project as a “ghetto love tale” and “way more mature” than anything he’s ever done in an interview with GQ

He later detailed his experience getting arrested in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, with the rapper squeezing in a few cheeky jokes about the prison’s decor.

“It was a little scary because I wasn’t familiar with that country,” he said. “Then, their rules is different. No bail system, none of that stuff. That shit was trash. For what it’s worth, though, the IKEA furniture was nice in there.”

Later on, the three also delved into Rocky’s drug dependency and how he’s since stepped away from substances. Rocky spoke honestly about not letting drugs affect his craft, revealing that he used to crave drugs on stage. The rapper said he’s matured a lot since his teenage years and has since learned better.

“Then I got older, and realized like yo, the Backwoods really make me so lazy,” Rocky said. “Tobacco makes me dependent. I would rely on tobacco. Once you do it, that shit running.”

Earlier this week, Rocky’s debut mixtape Live.Love.ASAP celebrated its tenth year anniversary with a re-release on streaming platforms that included the track “Sandman,” much to the surprise of fans. Catch the full interview below.