August 19, 2021 – AGON is an artist with a focus on creating original music loaded with personality and energy. The musician’s creative references explore a wide variety of genres and styles, ranging from acoustic sounds to trap, indie R&B, and pretty much everything in between. Today, genre definitions are pretty futile, and in an increasingly mercurial music world, it does not really make much sense for artists to put a cap on their creativity. With its diverse blend of sounds and influences, AGON creates music that feels free and open-minded, perfectly reflecting the current “melting pot” climate of music, as music fans and listeners are focusing on a broader range of sounds, more so than ever before.

His most recent studio release, POINT OF LIFE, is a great example of what is talking about. On this release, AGON teamed up with fellow artist Marek Rakovicky. The pair worked wonders together, and this musical combination is absolutely magical! This is the kind of song that really doesn’t follow the usual rules and cliches. POINT OF LIFE will surprise you at every twist and turn because the song structure is quite left-field in the way that it constantly brings some new ideas and even some different sounds to the table. The vocals have a deep, husky, yet clear sound. The electronic drum pattern is tightly placed in the background, never overpowering the song but bringing out the depth to absolute perfection. In addition to that, there are many other amazing sonic details, such as the lush synth parts and the acoustic guitar – Just the type of “ear candy” that makes the song so utterly special and one-of-a-kind!

Having said that, you are definitely going to connect with this particular release if you do enjoy the sound of established acts such as Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD, only to mention but a few. AGON managed to strike a great balance of melodies and integrity on this one, and the songwriting quality speaks for itself.

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