What do most people think about the music industry? We think the life of luxury and glitz and glamour and sold-out shows, right? That’s all there is to it. Well, not quite. While being a successful entertainer is rewarding, there is much more to the business side of that life and that is what the new book, Music Money by author and music executive, Chlon Rogers talks about.

Rogers has a well-earned reputation as an expert on the business side of the music industry. She has an impressive background and education in business management and accounting and has worked with a long list of high profile clients and even some independent labels. As the Founder and CEO of Checkmate Business Management, her company provides accounting and business management services with a full team of music business professionals.

She currently serves as COO of Atlanta based independent record label, “Think It’s A Game Records”, which is the driving force behind artists like YFN Lucci, Rich Homie Quan, and Trinidad James.

Rogers has worked with many clients and says there was once a time when her main focus was getting as may clients as she could. Now, she wants to focus more on educating artists on things they should know in order to understand their paperwork and to make sure they know what it takes to maintain the lifestyle they create.

She tells us that her book “Music Money”, really is for anybody in the music or entertainment industry and that doesn’t necessarily have to be just the artist. From artists and label heads to PR and agents for artists, even if you are an independent label, this book is about educating the industry without exclusion. “It’s so much more to it than going into the studio and making a hot song”, she says.

Rogers says she needed to write this book because she sees so many stories about people that are doing great for three or four years and then all of a sudden the money dries up. “A lot of times that’s because they didn’t have the bits inside of things in order”, she says. There have been stories about people that have gotten into contracts that didn’t necessarily serve them well and the ones that we see and hear about are just a small percentage.

We wanted to know what advice she has for artists, no matter how long they have been in the industry.

“I would say a big one is to understand your contract. Make sure that you know what you’re getting into when you sign. Make sure you understand your advances and know that this is not free money. Also, make sure you know the different ways that your music can make money for you and how to set yourself up properly to receive that income”, Rogers says.

One of the more rewarding things about what I do is seeing the artists come up financially and they are able to buy homes for their moms or get the car they always wanted and help their families. Those are the moments that stay with me.

Rogers has years of experience working with Billboard charting artists and has acquired 8 RIAA certified plaques. She says that this first book is just the beginning of her mission to educate and inform in the industry. Music Money is the first of a three-part series by the new author that focuses on teaching everyone from artists to executives about the business side of the music industry.

Music Money is available now at https://www.bemycheckmate.com/.

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