With his upcoming album “Organised Khaos” on the way, Anarchy releases new single, “Lifted” featuring Yukmouth and singer, Sheba.

Born in Birmingham England and growing up in the impoverished areas of Nottingham, Majid Mohammed Nazir aka Anarchy experienced many trials and adversities in his adolescence. This Caused him to hustle by any means necessary in order to navigate his way through the dangers of street life in the local slums. Growing up in a struggling single parent household with 4 other siblings and very little money, music was Anarchy’s only release from the harsh reality of hardships he had to face on a daily basis.

Although music was always there, it was only through the passing of his mother and a promise he gave to her on her deathbed that he dedicated himself to follow his dreams and leave his life in the streets behind him. Under the moniker Anarchy, the name reflected the chaotic life he lived. His career took form with the launch of his independent label War Music in which he signed his childhood friends that shared his like-minded passion and talent for music.

Influenced by Icons like 2pac, DMX, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Peter Tosh and Malcom X among others, Anarchy set out to break the mental chains of the systems oppressing consciousness of the world. He is a rebel at heart, a warrior at the soul and a leader at mind with the characteristics of a revolutionary. Anarchy’s style is very diverse in sound and able to capture any emotion and vibe which makes his music feel as real to the listener as it is to him. Penning songs with purpose and from the heart, he is a rare anomaly in the game, unique to himself and true to being an artist free from ceilings. Making tracks from feel good club bangers, gritty street anthems, to introspective and political songs, he continues to bring relevance to the game.

His talent translated to collaborations with legendary artists such as C-BO, Tradegy Khadafi, Pastor Troy and most notably 2pacs group, the Outlawz, to name a few. Another to the list is multi-platinum artist and Luniz member, Yukmouth featured on his new single “Lifted.” Anarchy replicates the timeless feel of the hip hop classic “I Got 5 On It” to create a modern day weed anthem sure to leave its mark in hip hop history. Alongside his inhouse singer, Sheba riding the hook, Anarchy and Yukmouth go bar for bar, pound for pound, in a rare moment of impeccable lyricism and versatile delivery.

Produced by Anarchy and engineer, Liati of Elementz Studio, “Lifted” sets expectations high for his upcoming album, “Organised Khaos” featuring his label artists. Tap in, check out his new single.

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