Standing tall through the good and bad of his journey, Anthony Williams pens the deep single, “Long Way” sharing his experiences, losses, and wins.

Born and raised in London, United Kingdom, Anthony Williams has built up quite the following for himself as an artist. His music has touched listeners with heartfelt renditions of realness and raw emotion across his lyrical melodies. Anthony Williams came up vibing to music that held substance, which is why he himself has ascended to a rapper that can speak to fans in places the average artist can’t. He now joins musical influences like Lecrae, Bizzle, J. Cole, Jadakiss, Simply Marvinous, Triple O, and Methodon as artists able to impact the lives of their fans.

His single, “Loyalty” has achieved being on the Top 150 Independent DRT Global Airplay Charts and dubbed Top 40 iTunes UK Hip & Rap Songs. Conversely, as the artist behind its creation, Anthony Williams received recognition as The Algorithm Agency Nominee for Best & Up Coming. As the awards and milestones continue to pile up, Anthony Williams is keeping up his presence in the game by releasing music that fans have grown accustomed to playing throughout everyday of their lives. His upcoming single, “Long Way” is going to be something surely to resonate within their own experiences and struggles. Anthony Williams talks about his life, both his mountains that he had to endure through previous years, along with his rise above them all with the help of God at his side.

Anthony Williams is one of the rare artists that emerges in the hip hop scene. His talent is a gift that will take him into the history books of fame, but even greater, change the lives of audiences that appreciate his sound. Follow him online and check out his new single, “Long Way” when it arrives on April 15th, 2022.

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