Astronaut Boyz, founded by Adrian Howard back in 2015, records and features hip-hop, R&B, and pop artists out of Aurora, CO. Partnering with BWillz– one of Denver’s local, most accredited artists (described as “dynamic,” “powerful,” and “locally influential”), ABI has three crucial messages: partnering with local artists, communicating that authentic Hip-Hop is still very much alive, and promoting the signing of disadvantaged artists in under-served communities.

Oftentimes, Adrian donates the proceeds of record and merchandise sales back to local charities in the effort of assisting his community. In summary, ABI develops raw, talented artists and helps foster personal and spiritual growth in every way possible for these musicians (as well as giving back to the Aurora community).

Follow Astronaut Boyz at and check out their proprietary music/merchandise! BWillz latest features (“Property Over Monopoly” and “Barabbass”) can be streamed on all platforms, including Spotify: