August Alsina spoke about the death of his sister and how it has affected him with Angela Yee.

There is no denying that, in his short time on this planet, August Alsina has been through a lot. The 27-year-old recording artist has witnessed the loss of his brother and sister, he’s had bouts of homelessness, and he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that attacked his liver and affected his ability to walk for months. 

The singer has been in the news this week because of an interview he did with Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club and Lip Service, where he spoke about his romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. The allegations have been denied by Jada and her husband Will Smith.

August Alsina
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

During the same sit-down chat, August was open about why he has decided to give his all in everything that he’s passionate about, including his romantic relationships and more. He reflected on the loss of his sister, explaining that, because she never got to live a full life, he wants to do so for her.

“I saw my sister die and she never got to live her full life,” says the star. “She was so afraid of everything. Literally everything. I gave my sister a car, she’s scared to drive. She’s never driven a car because she’s scared to get on the interstate after my brother got killed. She was scared of everything. And she never lived her full life. And I just don’t wanna be that. I don’t want to be that person. I want to live my life on full. I want to die empty, whatever that means, giving myself to my three kids now, giving myself to love or a relationship, giving myself to my career, devoting myself to being a healthy person.”

This may be why he finally decided to open up about his bond with Jada. 

Do you think he was telling the truth?