Big Boi discussed unreleased collaborations with André 3000 in a new interview.

Big Boi says that he has “a lot” of unreleased music with André 3000 but didn’t give any specifics about whether fans can expect the collaborations to see the light of day.

The legendary rapper was asked by The Guardian how many songs and albums he’s got in the vault with André, to which he reportedly “smiled from ear to ear and nodded enthusiastically.”

“Yeah, boy!” he remarked. “There is a lot of unreleased music around here, man.”

As for whether Big Boi and André will ever release new music together, he answered: “You would have to talk to the Lord Jesus. Only he knows.”

Big Boi, Outkast
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Later in the interview, Big Boi also revealed his favorite artists of all time, including Bob Marley, Kate Bush, and more.

“I’ll give you my top artists of all time: 1a is Bob Marley, 1b is Kate Bush, and then right behind her is N.W.A.,” Big Boi said. “So, that tells you where I am at with it. As far as MCing, we listen to everything from A Tribe Called Quest to 8 Ball and MJG, the 2 Live Crew. UGK. MC Ren was one of the hardest motherfuckers ever! Definitely E-40.”

Big Boi’s The Big Sleepover is due out on December 10.