With his Sleepy Brown collaboration album “The Big Sleepover” set to arrive in the near future, Big Boi teases his dream collaboration with Kate Bush.

Big Boi may be primarily known for his work with the legendary OutKast, but the emcee has built a seriously impressive repertoire as a solo artist. And while his next drop is technically a collaboration album with his longtime friend and creative partner Sleepy Brown, details about the upcoming release have been relatively scarce. Yet today, Yahoo dropped a profile piece on Sir Luscious, in which he provided the slightest hints about his next musical endeavor The Big Sleepover.

Big Boi

 Don Arnold/Getty Images

For one, he hinted that it may very well feature a collaboration with Kate Bush, a British singer who previously won Big Boi’s heart in a major way; in fact, the OutKast rapper loves Bush so much that he places her atop his favorite artist list, alongside Bob Marley and ahead of N.W.A. When asked whether a collaboration could be expected, Big Boi opted to remain secretive, albeit offering a laugh for good measure. “Stay tuned, stay tuned. Just stay tuned,” he teased. “I can’t even talk about it right now!”

He also reveals that the twelve song album will be “all-killer, no filler,” although the COVID-19 pandemic may have thwarted his desired release schedule. “We like to get out the campaign when it’s time to kind of move around and shake hands and kiss babies and really get out there and perform the music,” explains Big Boi. “Because that’s one of the best parts of doing it: creating in the studio for a year and a half, and then being able to see the reaction on people’s faces.”

Check out the full interview below, and sound off — would you be happy to see Big Boi secure the Kate Bush feature, a duet he previously named as his “dream collaboration?”