Hustle like an underdog with the heart of a grand champ. New Jersey Hip-Hop artist, Spits Nelson, figured out early on that every triumph and setback came with a lesson attached. Celebrating his victories while studying his losses, he grew confident enough to share both aspects with the world through his music.

His newest single, “Big East” (produced by $ L I M, mastered by Johnny L. Barber Jr, and engineered by Spits Nelson himself), is a Hip-Hop comeback story narrated over a solid flow and sharp wordplay. Influenced by the days spent at Madison Square Garden watching college basketball, Spits decided it was time to step off the crowded sidelines to show everyone in attendance why his pen game deserves a starting-five spot. Now available on all major streaming platforms, check out “Big East” today.

Spits Nelson got plenty more in store this coming year. With two music videos and a vlog in the works, the release date for his next single, “Self Reflection,” is already set for 3/31. Besides family, music, and basketball, he has another passion that may come as a surprise, COFFEE! Check out some of his recent café escapades on his Instagram page @spitsnelson

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