Birdman has previously said that he believes that YoungBoy is set to become “the biggest rapper,” but reactions to this news have been a mixed bag.

He’s repeatedly praised NBA YoungBoy and the rapper’s superstardom and it seems that this week, Birdman has a surprise for fans. Lousiana icons like Master P and Birdman have taken YoungBoy under their wings and often, they have spoken about his talents in interviews. YoungBoy has been declared to be the next huge artist to hit the industry, however, there does seem to be an ongoing controversy with YouTube and recently, YoungBoy’s videos were removed from the platform.

In an interview with Big Facts Podcast months ago, Birdman declared that YoungBoy might be “the biggest rapper” to ever exist. It’s a sentiment that he has stood ten toes down on for some time. “Ain’t no n*gga gone be bigger than NBA YoungBoy, numbers don’t lie, he’s the biggest YouTube artist and he behind the wall,” said Birdman.

NBA YoungBoy
Cooper Neill / Contributor / Getty Images

“When that lil’ boy get his mind right and he comes from under this bullsh*t and understands who he is, you know, [Young] Thug and all them, they’re up in age, they’re 30, this n*gga 20. And you put a n*gga behind the wall, they become smart.” Hours ago, Birdman surprised Hip Hop fans with an announcement on his Instagram page where he wiped everything clean aside from one image of an album cover.

The photo shows Birdman and YoungBoy’s likenesses merged together and it looks as if we’re getting a new mixtape by the two this week. “FROM THA BAYOU #STUNNA and TOP this FRIDAY 12/3 NEVA BROKE AGAIN #RICHGANG,” Birdman penned in the caption. Fans have already begun weighing in on what to expect with From Tha Bayou and responses have been fairly mixed.

Meanwhile, there were talks of Birdman and YoungBoy dropping this precise record back in 2018. It’s unclear if this has been updated, but we previously wrote about that announcement. Check out Birdman’s post below and let us know if you’re excited about this one.