Brooklyn is the Mecca of great rappers from Jay-Z, Fabulous to the late Biggie Smalls. Recently, many new talented rappers have risen to worldwide success. Clinton Hills-Brooklyn, the 21 year-old independent rapper Blizz Vito launched into stardom with his debut video “Right Now” premiered on WorldstarHipHop going viral with 1 million plus views in 48 hours and amassing a million plus streams on YouTube and within 4 months. He garnered additional support from DopeFuture, Rapfest, Pusher to a name few that helped propel him on Spotify playlists.

His second music video “Fake Friends” premiered on December 13, 2019 on and amassed over million plays within 24 hours and has over 100,000 streams on all platforms including Spotify playlists and YouTube.

Blizz Vito looks to 2020 and beyond to deliver more hit music to what he calls his future album release the “Trapper’s Bible.”

Fake Friends streaming on all platforms

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