Boosie Badazz refuses to compare anyone to 2Pac.

The impact that 2Pac left on the rap game continues to be left 25 years after his death. And while his influence is unmatched, there are plenty of artists who’ve claimed to be the modern-day embodiment of the late rap star, including Boosie Badazz.

The rapper recently sat down with VladTV, once again, where he chimed in on the numerous rappers who’ve declared themselves to be the New 2Pac. Earlier this year, Fat Joereferred to DaBaby as the 2Pac of today, which most disagreed with. Boosie said that everyone wants to be like ‘Pac. And while he did agree that artists like 50 Cent and NBA Youngboy carried similar energy, no rapper in the game comes close to 2Pac as he does.

Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect/Getty Images

“I probably wouldn’t pick none of ’em,” he said after being asked who, out of 50 Cent, DaBaby, and NBA Youngboy, carry similarities to 2Pac. Boosie explained that all three of those rappers might have similar qualities but there’s only one 2Pac. 

“I don’t like comparing people to 2Pac as a 2Pac fan. That’s where the question gon’ lose me at,” he said, explaining that he doesn’t want to go into interviews where he’s being asked about comparisons between 2Pac and the aforementioned artists. “Because I put 2pac on a certain level. All of them greatness but I ain’t comparin’ nobody to ‘Pac… It’s just the love I got for him as an artist and as I child — when you develop love for some person as a child, it’s different.”

He added, “I ain’t comparin’ nobody to 2Pac when, on that real shit, I’ll be wanting to be compared to 2Pac.”

Check out the clip below.